Blood from nostril of budgie

by Irene Hooper
(Great Britain)

Hi, I have a budgie 3 years old.Last week I noticed some staining above her cere and blood under her nails.I thought she must have scratched herself as she is fine in every other way - eating,flying & noisy as normal and this cleared up.Yesterday she bled again from her nostril.Again she is fine in every other way and other than sneezing to clear her nostril she has no other issues.Do you have any idea what could be causing this and what I should do for her.Thanks

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Sep 01, 2011
Promotion blog
by: Anonymous

seems to me that this blog is to promote harrison pellets, not to actually help people. When you think about it, birds eat seeds, fruit, veggies, etc in the wild and pellets are man made. One ingredient in pellets is soy, which is NOT good for man or animal.

Sorry but every post I've read in different categories, Dr B or Tracie always tells everyone to give their birds harrison pellets or find an avian vet.

Message from Dr B:
As for diet, we cannot recreate the diet that birds eat in the wild. And the seeds and fruits, seeds and nuts that we do feed in captivity are not found in the natural environment of psittacines. No psittacine in the wild has ever seen a peanut, sunflower seed, safflower seed, apple, orange, grape, or any other food you care to name. Birds in the wild eat whatever they can find, and it is seasonal; different foods are available at different times of the year. They eat insects and so many other things we never even think of offering or even know about.

As aviculturists it is our obligation to do better for birds in captivity than they could do for themselves in the wild. Pellets are better than they can do in the wild.

I see hundreds of birds annually in my practice and I can tell when one walks in the door whether it is on pellets or not. It is immediately obvious because the feather quality is generally poor. It is very easy to tell when bird is protein deficient by the quality of the feathers.

EVERY bird I have ever seen not on pellets exhibits signs of protein deficiency and other nutritional problems. Birds not on pellets in general do not live as long. For example cockatiels live about 12-15 years on seed; on pellets, I have several clients with cockatiels in their 20's; mine is 23. The oldest one I have on file is 29 and still doing fine.

Seeds are high fat, have no minerals to speak of and no protein. These nutrients cannot be provided in fruits and vegetables. Birds on pellets NEVER are egg bound; every egg bound bird I have ever seen is on seeds, most with fruit and vegetable supplements.

The pellet debate has been over for more than a decade, and when non-believers like yourself begin to understand the importance of a balanced complete diet, and that it cannot be provided any other way, all will do what is right for their bird, which is feed a pellet diet. If you truly care about your birds, you will research this a little better with an open mind.

I am not a food promoter, I am a health care provider. Birds are healthier on pellets and that is what I recommend because it is better not because it is a profit center. Harrison's is my choice and my recommendation and if something better comes along I will switch. But for now the best looking birds I have ever seen are on Harrison's.

The problems reported about soy are no more reliable than the reports on vinegar.

Dr B

Sep 01, 2011
Bugie scratching cere
by: Tracie

Dr B will not be able to tell you if this is an allergy or a bacterial infection or anything over the Internet. Please Find an Avian Vet for your bird so that your bird can get some relief.

If you are feeding colored pellets or human food that might have chemicals, then this could cause an allergy. If you clean with chemicals or use air fresheners, this can cause allergies too.

Your budgie will live a longer and healthier life if it is eating Harrison's or Roudybush for 60 - 70% of it's diet.

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