blood in poo

by piers
(devon england)

We have a female lovebird that is roughly 9months of age. She does not have a mate and is housed alone. she has, since we bought her laid four eggs and we were informed this was due to the richness of her diet. we went onto a website and found a pellet compound and have tried with little success to intergrate this into her dialy food pattern. we have mixed it in with her regular food ,millet and sunflower seeds at varying amounts to wean her from the rich diet and made note of how her droppings change.

She is generally moody and biting and squaking if you try to interact with her.she will not eat fruit or vegatables of any sort.we have noted that she has had a mild blood trace in one movement in the last 3 days and has taken to bathing a lot more than normal and has gone into moult mode. She has lost some body fat and the normal colouration of her plumage has faded. she still plays with her toys and loves her four hours aday out of her cage and otherwise seems the same character bird as when we started.

Please could you offer any suggestions as to what we are doing wrong. are the pellets unsuitable or is there another reason for this blood spotting?

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May 10, 2011
Avian Vet
by: Anonymous

Take a opinion of a specialized Avian Veterinarian , I can give you his contact details because birds are very sensitive with there own individuality so consult a vet

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May 09, 2011
Blood in bird droppings
by: Tracie

You have been mis-informed for sure. A "rich diet" does not cause a bird to lay an egg, hormones do. Reducing the amount of daytime hours can sometimes stop a bird from thinking it is breeding season, but a good diet is essential for a bird's health.

Quality pellets, like Harrison's pellets, are the best way to feed your bird, and that does NOT cause blood in their droppings. Junk pellets that have sugar and a bunch of preservatives will usually cause health problems in birds. A table food diet and seed diets are the worst.

Please get your bird to an avian vet right away. Blood in droppings is NEVER normal. Your bird could be egg bound, or have something internally wrong.

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