Blood on beak, black dots in mouth

My cockatiel has a small black lesion on his tongue and what seems to be dried blood on his beak. He doesn't whistle or sing very often anymore either.

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Jun 20, 2009
Injured Bird
by: Linda

Your bird has hurt itself on one of his toys or some part of the cage or perches, and needs immediate Avian Vet care. Please make an appointment as soon as is possible so he can be treated. In the meantime, please check all toys and entire cage for any wire or sharp objects that he could have put in his mouth. This includes all perches which could have sharp pieces sticking up. Manzanita is bad for this, and all sharp points have to be clipped and sanded down. If he plays outside cage, check that entire area. Basically birds should not be out of cage without supervision, and all toys should be size appropriate as well as providing safe perches and cages. Whatever happened will happen again if you do not get to the bottom of it. Sometimes it is easy to find what hurt them, and sometimes it is not.Whatever it is can be found only if you diligently search. Sometimes blood can be found on an object or cage bars. Some powder coated cages have "sharps" on them on the bars and welds where manufacturer did not apply the powder coat properly. These sharp places are very dangerous. Run your hands over every square inch of the cage bars running up and down inside and out to see if anything pricks your fingers. Any bell toys can be dangerous as they are usually made from cheap metals and the clapper is sometimes sharp-edged. Check everything and then check it again until you find where he hurt himself. It is there and may take some time to find.Also check the toy "hangers" as birds need the kind called "C" closures and they screw closed and cannot be opened by a bird, and they come in different sizes. These can be found in any hardware store or store that carries hardware. The kind that just snap or push open and shut can be opened and the beak can get caught in there resulting in a bad injury.

You must take him to vet as these wounds will become infected if they are not already, and your bird will not last long with the injuries and possible poisoning that has taken place.

Please take him to a qualified Avian vet as soon as you can get an appointment. Birds go down very quickly, and they either die or take a very, very long time to recover from injury and illness.

Let us know how everything goes after the visit to the vet.

Jun 20, 2009
Blook on beak and tongue problem
by: Tracie

Dr. B can not help your bird without seeing the bird in person. Please take your injured bird to an avian vet for help.

Let us know how the vet visit goes.

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