Blood vs Poop Lab Test

by Ruben Quiroz
(Cibolo, TX)

Is there any bugs/bacteria/virus that are only seen in the blood test vs poop sample test at the lab? I'd like to put my families mind as ease by testing our two Sun Conures but need help on which test are normal to determine overall heath of the birds. Thanks

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Jan 17, 2014
Tests for determining bird's health
by: The Avian Vet

You cannot just do one or the other. A combination of tests should be done to determine your birds's health and screen for one zoonotic disease, psittacosis. You should have a physical exam, CBC, chemistry panel, Chlamydophilla test, and cloacal Gram's stain. IN addition you should vaccinate them for polyomavirus protection.

Dr B

Jan 15, 2014
lab tests
by: Alex

Blood tests can be used for so many health checks and are invaluable.

Stool tests can show digestive health and highlight any digestive problems.

I would prefer both to be done, if I wanted a full health check for my birds.

Thanks for getting in contact.

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