by Ibrahim

Ve here'd my budgies arguing and today I shaw dryer blood on the one of them

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Oct 02, 2012
by: Linda

Separate the birds into two cages if you have two and one cage each if you have more.

Birds don't always get along, and there is nothing you can do about it except put them into separate cages. Make sure the bird that was injured goes to an Avian Vet for treatment if necessary because wounds can get infected.


Oct 02, 2012

If one of your birds is bleeding it's vital to get them to the vet as soon as possible.

A bird's blood does not colaguate. Meaning it does not clot.

You will wnt to seperate your birds first of all. If they are fighting they need seperate cages to prevent further injury.

Senondly, if you see a bleeding bird you need to grab some flour if you dont have stepic powder. apply the flour to the wound immediatly.

Then get the bird to an avian vet. A bird can bleed out from the smallest wound.
So they should be examined by a vet to make sure the would can and will close up on it's own.

My vet charges $59 for an office visit. Normally the first visit for a pet will run slightly higher about $80. But every visit after will be cheaper once he's established with the vet.

My bird fell from her cage while rough housing with toys. She suffered a open wound. I applied organic flour to the wound a cpl times till I was sure it stopped. I called my vet, and told them to expect us. My bird needed surgery in order to close the wound. She's now got 7 stitches in her chest. The vet said I saved her life by my fast response, and thinking. Then by bringing her in.

When a bird is bleeding it's vital they see a vet right away!

Vets are not as expensive as you think. I paid $525 for her exam, surgery, and 2 meds. I was honestly expecting it to cost way more. Thankfully it was only 1/3 of the price I had thought.

Your bird may not need surgery like mine did. But, your bird should have some antibiotics to help prevent infection. And an exam to make sure the wound is not serious.

Good luck hope this helps!

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