bloody nose

by Maura
(Albany, NY)

My sun conure is 9 and has just laid 2 eggs for the first time and I understand that to be normal and that she should abandon them on her own (hopefully you can verify that for me). Also, her nose is a dark red color and the feathers around it look bloody. Does this have to do with the egg laying or is there something wrong?

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Nov 07, 2008
Bird with bloody nose
by: The Vet

Egg laying is normal, but the blood on the nose is not. You need to have her examined by an avian veterinarian. It is imperative that your bird eat pellets as the main part of her diet. If she is not on pellets, the bleeding could be caused by a calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency will also lead to egg binding and is potentially fatal.

Dr. B

Nov 06, 2008
Thin blood
by: Anonymous

Your bird needs a vet but it may be that vitamin 'K' may help this. please ask an avian vet.

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