blue an gold macaws and cockateils

by Kevan
(Rio Linda, CA)

do blue an gold macaws make friends with cockateils?

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Jan 12, 2012
Blue and Gold Macaw and Cockatiel make friends?
by: Tracie

It is possible for them to get along and even enjoy each others company. Obviously, and probably why you asked the question, the B&G could easily kill the other bird quickly, so going slow and careful is the key.

I am not a bird expert, but have read a LOT of articles, so I can share what I have read from those who ARE experts.

Only allow one bird out at a time, and since the Cockatiel can get it's body parts through a B&G cage, do NOT allow the cockatiel near the B&G cage. Make sure both bird's wings are clipped so that you have control of where they go.

Take the B&G over to the cockatiel cage for "visits" but only go as close as the cockatiel is comfortable. Just keep going from there. Move as both birds are comfortable and only if they BOTH enjoy each other.

Accept that they may never like each other or get along. Always keep the wings trimmed and never leave the bird in a room unsupervised and everything will work out fine.

We have some parrot training material on our Parrot Training page that helps with developing a relationship with birds and helping birds get along.

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