blue and gold macaw heavy breathing at times

by betty okon
(hopewell jct ny)

blue and gold macaw age 34

very healthy. eating , playing drinking.. nostrails unclogged and clear... does this cooughing thing with heavy breathing.. lasts about 1 minute...

vet said may have something stuck in air way/ or a fungal infection.. told me to get a humidiflier to dislodge maybe someting stuck.. ???? any help would be appreciated.. wants to get the bird scoped... this could add up to pricey funds....
we have 2 large air purifiers.... since we have a few other parrots and a cockatoo...


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Mar 27, 2012
blue and gold heavy breathing when exertion
by: liz okon

linda... went to a spceilaist.... did xray.. lungs and trachea are clear,,

tesing avain cbc comprehensive chemistry/ & as prguillus profile... we saw some light white areas on the x ray... lungs were perfecr...
getting medicine...... and praying!!!!!
any comments would be helpful...

Mar 20, 2012
blue and gold macaw heavy breathing at times
by: Linda

Your bird is sick, and until Avian Vet diagnoses what is wrong, he cannot be treated. Do not use a humidifier because it could give him pneumonia. You mentioned air purifier, and sometimes they irritate bird's upper respiratory tract, so you may want to stop using one for a while and see if he gets better. Take him back to the Avian Vet and have him tested for bacterial infections. If you do not trust this avian vet, then find another one because it sounds as if they are wanting to DO NOTHING and charge you a lot of money for it. Do not allow this to happen. Make sure the vet is an Avian Vet only because regular dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained to treat birds and will do exactly as this one is doing--NOTHING.

You cannot afford to take any chances with your bird's age taken into consideration. Have Avian Vet do a throat swab to check for bacterial infections and basic bloodwork to check for viral infections. Fungal infections usually come after a long period being on antibiotics, so I do not agree with the vet's assessment, and because he's not done anything but charge you and send you home.

Let us know what the Avian Vet has to say and do not use the humidifier unless the new vet requests you do so. If bird has an infection, he could get pnewmonia, and his chances of survival will go very far down.Stop the air purifiers and see if he gets better because my birds cannot tolerate them. The ozone is the irritator, and it gets worse and worse until it is stopped altogether.

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