Blue and Gold Macaw Love

by Heather
(Alberta, Canada)

Blue and Gold Macaw <br>Joey

Blue and Gold Macaw

I have always loved birds of all kinds and sizes. Parrots in particular. Recently I joined a parrot rescue in my area and got my first foster boy. But this is not about him. But I will submit another story about him.

I recived a call from a friend at a vet clinic. A woman was looking for a baby sitter for her B&G. I was asked if I would. "Of course!" I said.
The lady called me the next day and my husband and I went out to meet 'Joey'. We were told that she was starting to show aggressive behaviour to her owner.

She was beautiful! A few feathers plucked on her legs and tummy, but I only saw her. I sat down at the table and the lady put Joey on the table top and Joey instantly walked over closer to me. For a few seconds she looked at me and said hello a few times. Soon she was on my knee and getting even closer. In under 2 minutes she was tucked up under my arm on my lap and getting kisses and pets.

I find out after that she's not very friendly at all to strangers. Two days later, we are visiting for a second time and all of a sudden we are bringing her home.

I find out that it's not just a babysitting gig. To my surprise and happiness, we just may be able to keep her, but it's not for sure yet.

Joey is with me almost constantly. She eats with me, is on the computer with me, cooks with me (she insists, really lol) She even bathes with me!
She has been with me only a couple of weeks, but it's like she's been with me her whole 20 years!
I love her to bits, and am hoping and praying I can be her mommie for life!

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Nov 03, 2011
by: Patricia

Does anyone know where I can get a travel cage for a blue and gold maccaw, I have looked everywhere.

Editor's note: Most people use dog crates.

May 17, 2010
It's my Bird
by: Elaine Scott

That is not your Bird It is a photograph of one I have rehomed from a guy by the name of Azz and i'm sure he will not be very happy knowing you have stolen his photo of the B+G Macaw that is actually called Shan short for Shannon.

If no-one belives me here is the link to My Bird and her advert befor I adopted her. I am getting her delevered to my home on Wednesday of this week ans I will be her mommy. She is my baby

There take a look for yourself my dear

Dec 26, 2009
Sport fan
by: Anonymous

That is a really pretty bird. I have a Quaker parrot that lets any one hold him, and a parakeet. I would recommend a Quaker to every one, they are the most wonderful bird in the world. they love to cuddle and will talk. I am really happy that you have a macaw, they seem to be nice. I had a White eyed Conure named Mango, but had to put him to sleep because he bit and couldn't be with any one else. Good luck with yours.

Mar 29, 2009
Parrots are like kids
by: Linda

I agree with what Ingrid has said. I have a 17 year old blue and gold and she has been in my life for 12 of those years. She has become an integral part of y life and I wouldn't get rid of her for anything, but she is extremely agressive at times. She had been abused when she was younger before I rescued her and I had initially thought that to be the reason for her temperment, but as I did more research, alas, I am her partner. She hates everyone else, she's even tried to eat guests in my home and I have to lock her up.

I hate that I cannot trust her from biting but I can't. I tried to get her to trust my husband but she bit him very badly and now even he is weary of her. I wish that I had tried to socialize her more than I did from the onset, but I had been fiercely protective of her as she had come inbto my home sick abused and tattered and wanted to provide a loving and safe home for her. So yes, by all means, try your best to socialize her and get her used to family and friends that frequent your home. Before she attempts to eat them, screams at them, and they never come back!

Jun 02, 2008
Jealous birds
by: Ingrid

Hi Heather,
It seems to me that you are one of those few people who have this ability of a real "heart-to-heart" communication with animals. You don't need to talk to them, they understand you perfectly. Congratulations!

But let's see the other side of the coin:I lived in South America for years and I have some first-hand experience with big parrots. You consider yourself Joey's "Mum", but she considers you her "partner" - and in case of parrots - it's for a life-time! I think you should pay extra attention that Joey should strengthen her relationship with other members of your family and friends because big parrots can grow very aggressive with "intruders" like your husband. If you have children, the thing can be much more dangerous: I've seen cases when the parrot just attacked fiercely the small (human) children of her "partner" (the Mother). Parrots have the intelligence of a two or sometimes 5-year-old-child, so these big colourful birds can sometimes be very jealous! And, just imagine what would happen if you have to travel for some weeks or, if you are taken to hospital: how would your feathered-baby feel without the ONLY person she likes?

Anyway, I reiterate my congratulations for the harmony between you and Joey and wish you luck,

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