blue and gold macaw with hurt eye

by Dana
(manassas va)

I have two blue and gold macaws and last night they were playing on top of one of the cages. Then one screamed so I checked to see what was going on and i noticed that one of my bird had its eye closed. So i picked her up and looked at it it looked like a little bit of blood or it could have been just red not quite sure which one. But the eye looks cloudy inside when i held a flash light above her eye and seems like see can not see out of that eye now. The black pupil in the other eye is round shaped when i looked in the hurt eye it is not round all the way around any more.

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Aug 01, 2009
by: Linda

You will need to take your bird to an Avian vet immediately. It appears the other bird has possibly put the others' eye out maybe with beak or with a toy. Other bird did not do this on purpose as the B&G's are the most docile, and sweet birds of the Macaw family. It is important to get bird to vet as an emergency because what's left of the eye will most likely get infected. Infections in the eyes are extremely time sensitive because the eye is directly linked to the brain, and an infection can mean the death of your bird.There may also be tremendous pain involved with this injury which can have varying and not good effects on your bird's health and well being.

In future, please make sure your birds are supervised when playing together. I'm sure this was an accident, and another one can and will happen if they are not supervised. Just don't let them out and then move to another part of the house as this can mean serious trouble like what you have now. I do believe your bird may be blind in the damaged eye, and you won't know until an Avian vet takes a look and prescribes meds and maybe even pain meds as this may hurt very badly as most eye injuries do.

Keep us posted on what happens at the vet and how your bird does. Keep the two birds separate until injured one is well enough to play with his friend. Limit injured bird's activities especially if he is taking meds and pain meds as pain meds will make bird more clumsy and likely to be injured again. Give this bird hugs, kisses and reassure him that all will be well as bird is under stress which is very dangerous. Make sure he eats a good healthful diet, and don't give tablefood for treats. Just keep him on his pelleted diet with the prescribed veggies and fruits. Now would be a great time to offer organic orange slices for treats as he will need extra vitamin C to help in recovery.

So sorry this has happened to your sweet, innocent bird, and be mindful of both birds when they are together outside their cages.


Jul 31, 2009
B&G with hurt eye
by: Tracie

Since Dr B can not examine the bird and prescribe an antibiotic or some other treatment, you need to take the bird to an avian vet.

I hope everything turns out okay.

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