blue crested amazon

by les

i have a blue crested amazon and iv been away for a week on holiday. when i returned i foumd she was moody and sad as if she didnt know me and was feeling sorry for herself

can you help?

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Sep 12, 2011
blue crested amazon
by: Linda

This is normal for all birds left for any reason. Hopefully, you had someone who knows how to handle birds taking care of him so he was able to come out and play a little everyday. Birds left behind feel abandoned, and this is also normal. His feelings are hurt because you could go away and leave him even for a short period of time. Ask his forgiveness and move on back into your regular routine with him.

Just go back to giving him love and attention and don't be surprised by some acting out because he is MAD at you. This could include biting, so keep him off your shoulders. Just work with him and soothe the "savage beast" as best you can, and he'll come around in time. This does not mean spoil him, just be your normal self with him as spoiling will turn him into a monster who demands you live only for him which is just not practical.

Thanks for writing,

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