Blue Crested Conure that will not come out of his cage!

by Genie Griffin
(McDonough, GA USA)

Can anyone share with me why our new Blue Crested Conure will not come out of his cage. We have tried to encourage him to come out, he is very talkative and happy, but won't let us get him out for exercise. He is 3 years old and we just got him a week ago. Please help...he wants to bite!

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Sep 02, 2011
Conure won't come out of cage
by: Tracie

Some birds are cage territorial and you can not put your hands in their cage and some simply don't like hands coming at them in an enclosed environment.

First, make sure you have taken your bird to an avian vet and the vet has given your bird a clean bill of health. Many, many birds have an illness from being in poor breeding environments. The "for profit" breeders do NOT take their birds to the vet so they send their sick birds at a cheap price to pet stores to be sold.

Nest, make sure your bird has it's wings clipped so that it doesn't get hurt when out of the cage. (Unless you have a bird safe room.) Many birds die from chewing/tasting something toxic, landing on something that falls over, crawling into a tight spot and getting hurt etc. Say it flies to your ceiling fan, is the metal bird safe? Will your bird die of metal poisoning?

After the above has been done, just open the cage door and sit next to the cage. Sit and read a book, talk sweetly to the bird and offer it a treat if your bird is not scared of your hands.

Once the bird is out of the cage, hanging on the bars or on top, then slowly put your finger out and, if the bird allows, put your finger just below it's belly.

I have some articles on parrot training and health on our Parrot Training page that you should read for more information.

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