These are my Blue Crown Conure pictures and story of Coco.

We called our Blue Crown Conure "Coco the crazy clown."

Blue Crown Conure Coco Blue Crown Conure on his back
Coco sitting pretty Coco on his back

BC Coco with his ball BC Coco hanging
Coco with his ball Coco hanging out

Coco, our Blue Crown Conure, was the funniest parrot we ever owned. He was hand-fed and loved by Ramona at Ramona's Parrots in Waco, Texas. He was given to us by a friend that couldn’t deal with his loud noises.

They had not owned a parrot before, and didn’t understand that a Blue Crown wants to be were the action is, and not in a room away from everyone. The more he screeched to get attention, the more they ignored him. They are very sweet people, they just didn’t understand his personality.

Another factor in his being re-homed, was that they all worked and were not home much. They felt like he would be happier with me. I was delighted!

Coco quickly picked up words and phrases. He even made up some of his own. I worked on teaching him “I like you.” All he would say for a long time was, “I like.”

One day as our family was eating dinner, Coco started his gabbing. He started saying “I like, I like……I like Cocoooooooooooo!" We all busted up laughing so hard. He got the attention he wanted, thus I like Coco became a regular phrase.

Eventually he did learn to say, “I like you.” He learned to say many things and said them at appropriate times. For instance, he would say “Thank you” when we gave him a treat.

One of the funniest things he did was this. He would climb up on his shepherd’s hook and the swing down fireman style yelling “Wheeeeeeeee” and then go back up and do it again. He also loved hanging by one toe from the hook, you can see the picture above.

Coco wanted his 12 – 14 hours of sleep that experts say Blue Crown Conures need, and he made sure we did not forget that. Around 4 or 5 in the evening he would start saying, “Night night.” If we didn’t pay attention and take him to his sleeper cage in the spare bedroom, he would say it louder and louder. Eventually he would scream it and screech afterward.

As we took him to bed, he would calmly say, “Night night” and then sing it like you might say it to someone going to bed, “Night night.” He was such a stich!

Something I want to mention before I stop, is how he treated everyone differently. He wanted to snuggle most with me. My daughter and I could both preen him, but only she could put him on his back in her lap while she did this. Coco would only let my husband hold him and give him treats.

Most Visitors could handle Coco, but not pet him. He had in his mind what everyone was allowed to do, and if we didn’t do it right he would beak us.

He very rarely bit anyone. He did bite my husband several times, but he didn’t draw blood. You have to learn the body language of your parrots to avoid these situations.

From what I have read about Blue Crown Conures, Coco was a good representative of the species. But, you must remember that no two parrots are alike. They will be what they will be. If you can't accept that, then get a dog.

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