Dani’s Blue Crown Conure pictures and information.

Her Blue Crown is exceptionally smart and funny.

Blue Crown Conure Green Cheek and Blue Crown Conure

Here is Nickie, My beloved Blue Crown Conure and blabber mouth. I waited three years to get this little guy and he was well worth the wait. I could easily write multiple pages on this heart throb.

He is just amazing! Nickie is a momma's boy. He loves to help me do anything, including getting ready for work. He talks almost non stop, saying some things I am sure he probably shouldn't and uses his knowledge of words in context.

Nickie loves to talk to his grandma on the phone and has to at least once a day, or he isn't happy. I made the mistake once of telling Nickie he was a smartie pants while on the phone to grandma. NIckie very politely replied, "Nickie no smart pant, Nickie a boo cown." My mom was rolling on that one, and so was I!

If you need help training your Blue Crown Conure, this is a great course!

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