Blue crown conure with sfuffy nose and watery eyes

Our blue crown flew away a few years ago and we were lucky enough to find him the next morning. We think he crashed into the large building we found him next to in a bush.

Since then we have spent $1500 or more at two different vets with no results. He has been given antibiotics, has the back of his tongue scraped to remove a buildup of a hard waxie matter, has had saline nasal washes, and yet he continues slowly over time to get worse not better.

We daily use a syringe to remove "snot" from his nose and then give him periodic saline nasal washes.

He has lost some weight (very little) 26 grams to 21 grams, seems fine in every way except for watery eyes.

We want to try a new vet, but don't know who we can use that can solve his issue. Am growing tired of just letting a vet practice on him, charge huge fee's and in the end get nowhere. Help.....can you give us some advise, and/or recommend a good vet in the Denver, Colorado area.

Thanks so much for your time and help.

Chet, Jean and "Bernie(our bird)"

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Oct 17, 2009
Blue Crown in Denver CO
by: The Vet

Sorry, I do not know if anyone personally in that area.

I do not know what diagnostics have been performed and what I am suggesting may or may not have been done. But this would be my approach if I saw this in my hospital.

I would do some basic blood work. I would do a sterile nasal flush and collect it for culture. Fungal and bacterial cultures should be done. I would then do a nasal flush with antibiotics as a topical treatment. I would do x-rays of this head to see if there is an anatomical abnormality or a mass. I would also do an endoscopic examination of his choana and nasal cavities. Often times these cases are foreign bodies in the nasal or sinus cavity.

I am confused about his weight, though. I don?t think that a blue-crowned conure is going to weigh 26 grams. He might weigh 126 grams. This is really irrelevant to his condition, but weight loss is significant. % grams is a small amount, but if he is loosing weight daily, then that is very significant.

If you cannot find a BOARD CERTIFIED AVIAN VETERINARIAN in your area, then it may be worth the drive to go to one. You should search on for a Diplomate. Tracie has others listed on her Find an Avian Vet page.

Dr B

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