blue crown laying eggs

I have a young(3) male Blue Crown and an older(10) female Blue Crown. I gave them a nesting box as the female was chewing up the house. I have seen them mate although she seems to prefer rubbing herself on the heated perch.

She has retreated into the nest box and spends most of her time in there scratching about as the males stands all fluffed up doing guard duty charging at anyone who comes close. I am wondering how long after mating will she lay eggs?

I am new at this and am trying to learn as much as I can how I can help them and what do they need

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Aug 27, 2014
Blue Crowns Breeding
by: Carol Ann

all good to know...they are on a good diet with fresh fruit and veggies,quinoa,seed mix, hemp seeds and Nutriberries. I recently got them DNA feather tested and found they were not what they came to me as. I was not planning to breed them but now they have become a bonded pair.They are also very bonded to my husband and I and live in the house with us and are mostly out of the cage. We have an outdoor aviary also they spend time in. I have had parrots for the past 7 years but this is the firts experience i have had with them attempting to breed so there is alot to learn ...

Aug 27, 2014
Laying eggs question
by: Tracie

Hopefully she won't lay eggs, since you are still trying to learn about this. You need to have experience feeding babies and aware of how to handle emergencies before breeding birds, or you may lose your birds.

If she is gavid, then she will lay an egg within a couple of days. If she is not eating a high quality pellet diet, she may become egg bound. If she seems to be straining and not moving much, then quickly get her to your avian vet right away, or she will likely die. Birds eating Harrison's, and other high quality pellets for 80% of their diet, do not become egg bound.

I suggest you contact a really good breeder, one that takes their birds to an avian vet before breeding them and for yearly checkups. Offer to come help them, so you can learn how to care for babies, if the parents try to kill them or don't feed them. Learn about handling emergency situations etc.

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