Blue Crowned Conure biting tail feathers

by Jen
(LaGrange, Il)

My 5 month old blue crowned conure is molting. I see tiny little feathers around the cage. But what concerns me is that he is obsessively biting at his tail feathers. I've given him baths thinking that maybe something is stuck on the tail feather that is bothering him, but that hasn't helped. He has many toys that I rotate and he loves to play and cuddle with us. He is eating fine.
Is it normal for him to be biting on his tail feathers? Is it possible that new feathers are growing in and the old ones are bothering him? Any advice would be great.

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Nov 19, 2008
Conure biting tail feathers
by: The Vet

This could be normal preening, or he may have a particular feather giving him trouble and he is working to get it out. It could be more serious than this though, and you should have him examined by an avian veterinarian.

Birds should see their doctor at least once annually any way and get vaccines and regular blood work.

Dr. B

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