He made me Smile - Blue Crown Conure Story

by Katie Johnson
(Greenport New York, United States)

Striking a Pose! ( Blue Crowned Conure )

Striking a Pose! ( Blue Crowned Conure )

Marcello is a Blue Crowned (Sharp Tailed) Conure. He was hatched on July eleventh, 2008 and is DEFINITELY a one person bird! He loves cuddles, but so long as they're with me. He'll put up with the other members of the household, especially if they have something good to eat, but other than that he never lets me leave his sight.

Marcello can be loud, but he very rarely screeches. Only when we first come home, and he's looking for attention. He's got a real personality on him, and he really helped me in a very depressing time in my life.

Back in August of 2008, my Father was rushed to the hospital. He was put in an induced coma, for some stupid mistakes. Every day, my family would meet at the hospital for visits, and to discuss what we were going to do. I wasn't myself. Visiting my dad made knots tie in my stomach, and I couldn't stop crying. Once school started, I was pulled from classes throughout any time of the day, and dragged up to the hospital during emergencies. Somedays I didn't even attend my classes at all. Everything was getting so hard, between school, my dad in the hospital, and the fact that it was my junior year and I was expected to take SAT's.

One day, on our way back from the hospital my mom decided to make a stop at PetCo, to grab some seed for her two Cockatiels. I myself was never a bird person, but PetCo was one of my favorite places to be, simply because I loved animals in general. Nothing seemed to amuse me in the store that day. It was quiet, and most of the animals had been sold, you could tell they needed a new shipment. And, just by chance, when walking past the bird room, I peeked inside.

There, in the back of the room, was a strange looking bird hanging upside down by one foot from the top of his cage, swinging in circles, singing to himself. He was just so amusing that I had to go inside and check him out. The name plate on the cage said "Marcello". Though I was advised not to, I ended up wriggling my fingers between the bars of the cage, and this goofy little bird hopped right onto them, and started nuzzling against them, and chirping at me. He let me scratch his head through the cage, and his goofy antics put a smile on my face, in a time when I thought nothing could.

After that day, whenever we left the hospital, my mom made a stop at PetCo so that I could play with the strange little bird. It made her happy to see that something could cheer me up so much. The staff got used to me hanging around, and they'd often tell me stories about him. I learned that he'd been there almost a year, and that it was strange he took to me so fast.

My father passed away in October. I'd come to terms with the fact that he wouldn't make it long ago, though the fact of it all still hurt. We didn't go to PetCo anymore.. there was no need to drive all the way up there, until one day when my mom had to get more seed for her 'tiels. She looked over at me in the car, and asked if I wanted Marcello.

Of course I said yes! I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for this goofy little blue Crown. He's really become the apple of my eye, and I admit, I tend to spoil him rotten!

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Love my Blue Crowned Conure!

by Jen
(LaGrange, Il)

If you are thinking about a Blue Crowned Conure let me give you a little first hand advice. They do require a lot of attention (meaning direct handling, talking, playing with etc). They also require an incredible amount of toys (which can be pricey). However they are extremely playful and affectionate! They are also especially easy to train.

We have had our blue crowned Marly for about about 7-8 months now. He was a baby and we bought him from a breeder at a bird show. When we bought him he did not even know how to step up. That was achieved within a couple days, then came the talking.

He is always learning new phrases and even uses them appropriately. Some of his favorites are : What' cha doing?, Want to come out? Where's Marly?----Peek a Boo, Thank you, Kisses followed by a smooch sound etc. He calls out for me like my kids do MAAAAAAA. Yells Hello when you come in the door.

We potty trained him LOL. My husband was tired of being pooped (by the way the poops are huge) so about every 5-10 we take him off us for a potty break on the paper towel. We just tell him to go poop and he does. Now he even says "go poop" and then goes. Not great table talk for when you have guests over LOL.

Make sure you have room for a large cage in a well used room in the house. Blue Crowned conures love to be around people and all the action of the household. They also love to take baths. They are messy throwing food around and require very frequent cage cleanings since they love to play on the bottom of their cage with foot toys like balls or blocks. Marly loves to literally roll on the floor of his cage with his toys. Really is adorable to watch.

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Charlie the Blue Crown Conure

by Melissa
(Guthrie KY 42234)

1 day after we got Charlie<br> Blue Crowned Conure

1 day after we got Charlie
Blue Crowned Conure

I got him about a week ago so I don't know a lot to say. I kind need a little help if anyone has any good advice for a 1st time owner of a Blue Crown Conure.

I bought him from a couple that could not care for him anymore. He is about 1 year old. He is pretty friendly unless he doesn't know you. It took him a couple days to warm up to me.

The only problem I have now is that he chews on my fingers when I am holding him and some time it can hurt. I tell him "no" and he will let go but then he will try again, any advice?

He also will bite at anyone that tries to hold him and some times he does it to me but I just keep my finger there until he steps up as I am saying "up up Charlie."

He is can talk a little. He says his name and hello. I know it will take time for him to get really used to us I just wish he would go to others. My daughter really wants to hold him and stuff but he bites at her when she puts her finger up to him.

Living with Charlie is kind of crazy some times. When he wants someone to talk to him he will be loud or say over and over "Hello Charlie" lol.

He loves to sleep in this fuzzy thing he came with. He will get in there about 7 and sleep all night 'till I get up in the morning about 6. The lady I got him from says he likes his bath but he has not taken one for me yet. I put fresh water in every morning to see if he will take a bath but he won't.

We love Charlie a lot. Hope to hear from someone. Any good advice would be great.

Guthrie Ky

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