Blue faced amazon parrot runs away

by rob wilkes
(falmouth cornwall england)

hi i got a amazon parrot she will go on my shoulder but the i try to get her to go on my hand she put her head down for me to scratch it or runs away (she also wont take no food from my hand she just runs away)

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Jan 15, 2011
Amazon scared
by: Tracie

It will take some time, but with patience and persistence I think you will earn the bird's trust.

We have some articles on our Parrot Training page that may help you move along faster.

Be careful, Amazon's can be moody and take a chunk out of you if you are not careful. Learn the warning signs of when your bird is irritated, so that you can back off when it wants to be left alone.

Jan 15, 2011
Blue faced amazon parrot runs away
by: Linda

You must have either a Blue Crown or Blue Front Amazon, and if she is new to you and your home, she is still afraid of many things.It would be a great idea to find some books about your bird, so you know everything you need to know to make her life happy and safe.

It takes birds a long time to get used to new surroundings and this includes new toys, dishes and any other changes in their environments.

You need to work on keeping her off your shoulder as this is a vantage point where you can get severe injuries. Birds sometimes become afraid or meet someone they don't like, and on the shoulder is too close to the face for comfort. Please train her to stay off shoulder. Parrots need to be kept at human eye level for the most part because in the bird world, the highest one is the one in charge of all it surveys which means you.

The other issue here is that a parrot's trust is earned not freely given, so once she has begun to trust you, everything else will fall into place. Always treat her with respect, and parrots need gentle direction as they are like small children. If left on their own, they can come up with some pretty strange ideas and will get into trouble, so keep an eye on her anytime she's out of cage to make sure she is safe.


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