Blue front amazon mating

by Mike

Good evening, my question is, how long after the parrots mate does the female start laying eggs? My female is a blue front amazon and the male is a red lored amazon, they already laid 4 eggs last year but the eggs didn't hatch, maybe they were not fertile? Now I have seen them mate again and the male is very aggressive and I am wondering how long after mating will she lay eggs?
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Mar 08, 2012
Blue front amazon mating
by: Linda

Well, Mike, I hate to be the one to have to inform you, but this is a terrible breeding idea. Hybrids are not a good idea regardless of species because babies are sometimes born with multiple problems both external and internal. Internal problems can include physical and mental defects. A hybrid is a "loose cannon" in the bird world and can be very unpredictable as for behavior. Few people want the babies because of the inherent problems invovled.

The point is that a breeding like this, hybrids, weakens the gene pools of both species. It also may be that all the eggs will be infertile which would be a plus in this situation.

I'll attach a link to a series of articles on hybrids and other types of breeding, so you can read for yourself some of the problems involved. We are the keepers of the gene pools for these birds and hybridization ensures they can never, ever be released back into the wild. This type of bird will be killed instead of released into the wild because wild flocks will not recognize them as their own--neither the Blue Fronts or the Red-Loreds. In so many words, they are useless for so many reasons.

These articles are a "Beginner's Guide to Genetics". What I recommend you do is to put both birds into separate cages or buy them a large cage with a divider. I have a double Macaw cage for my Red Lored pair, made by HQ and it has a divider in the middle so they can be close but not close enough to breed. In my bird's case, it's because the hen is a bully with her smaller mate Eli, so they had to be separated a long time ago for his well being.

I hope all these eggs continue to be infertile which may be because of the great difference in size with these two birds. Babies will be a mess if any are born, so please get another Blue Front and another Red Lored if you want to breed them.


Mar 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Even though your birds are mating, they may never produce a fertile set of eggs. I am no expert on breeding but I am pretty sure that since these are two different species of Amazons, they cannot successfully make babies.

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