blue front amazon question

by Al Mitchell
(King of Prussia, Pa, USA )

I have a blue front amazon which is 20 years old, recently the blue is disappearing and is now almost completely yellow, is this natural, diet related or what please help

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Mar 03, 2010
bird owner
by: Al Mitchell

I am adding the full spectrim lighting to see if that makes a difference, and so far as the diet is concerned I have spoken with the vet and the diet is fine, Pellets, brown rice, veggies, fruit, some seed, and bird breads that I make that include veggies, cornmeal, unbleached flour, eggs/with shells, red palm oil, fresh water daily, other than the changing blue all the birds are very healthy and doing well , thanks for the comments so far

Feb 24, 2010
blue front amazon question
by: Linda

Your bird's feathers changing color is NOT normal and is most likely diet and/or light related.

As Dr. B said, parrots need to be eating an organic, high quality pelleted diet to maintain good health including skin and feather condition.

Light plays an important role here as well. The light coming through any of your windows is NOT allowing in the full spectrum of colors your bird needs to maintain healthy color in feathers and a healthy body.

The only way to provide this inside is by using Full Spectrum Lightlike the vita lights, Ott lights or some other guaranteed full spectrum lighting made for animals and birds. We have lights hung over our Amazons' cage, and we buy them from Drs. Foster & Smith where you can buy the fixture with a bulb already in it or find replacement bulbs for your own fixtures. These lights give the birds the full spectrum of UV ray colors without any danger of radiation. They are a must because light coming through windows MAY keep your plants alive if they are not blooming plants, otherwise, you'll need to have lights over them. Plants can use the lower color spectrum of Red, Blue and Yellow. Birds, fish and other animals housed indoors need the full spectrum of colors.

These ARE NOT THE KIND YOU FIND IN HOME DEPOT OR LOWES. Those are just simulated full spectrum for working under and/or taking pictures. They do not provide what your bird needs to be healthy.

Thanks for writing,

Feb 24, 2010
Blue front Amazon color change
by: The Avian Vet

It may be nutritional, it may be due to lack of good quality light (UV), maybe genetics or even age related. What do you feed? You should be feeding 70-80% pellets and the remainder of the diet should be fresh vegetable and other healthy treats. I recommend that if you have not had your bird examined in the last 6-12 months, then it is time for a check up.

Dr B

Feb 23, 2010
Change in Plumage
by: Anonymous

I see no thing wrong with your Amazons plumage changing color. You might want to get him checked out by an AVIAN VET (not a dog or cat one!) just to be safe. However there are several reasons your parrot's plumage could be changing color; molting into and out of breeding plumage, wear and tear, camouflage, and staining by food sources and/or the environment.

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