Blue Front Amazon

by Mellissa
(Easton, Maryland)

I just adopted a 10yr old blue front amazon 2 days ago, they lady said she was malting and would be more friendly in couple weeks. How long does malting usually last?

Last night she started allowing me to pet her head, i opend her large door and sat on floor by her cage. She calming came down her cage and sat on door ledge about 12inches from me. What can i expect from her next? Tried this morning to get her to step up but all she wanted to do was but my shirt.

I could really use some help.

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Feb 25, 2012
New amazon parrot help
by: Tracie

The molting process can last a few weeks sometimes. Providing a shallow dish of water for 2 - 3 hours will allow the bird to bathe and help the molt along. Only keep a dish with water in your cage for a few short hours, because bacteria starts to grow quickly and your bird could end up with a bacterial infection. This is why our birds drink from a Lixit water bottle.

It sounds like your are doing good with your new friend. We have some bird training material and some articles about feeding parrots properly, toxic items etc. on our Parrot Training page that might be helpful to you. Every bird is different, so the adjustment period differs from bird to bird.

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