Blue Fronted Amazon acting weird.

My grandmother gave me my parrot when I was 7, named Pokey. I loved him ever since. But lately he's been putting his foot outside his cage and sound like he's crying. I'm worried. Does anyone have a solution to this? Sometimes I let him out of him cage but I'm afraid the dog is going to get to him. Please help, I'm scared that he's sick.

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May 06, 2013
Blue fronted Amazon acting weird
by: Anonymous

Your bird is very aware of the dog and that's why he puts out a tentative foot to come out of the cage but he is scared. I had a cat, and even though the cat could not reach the bird, just her presence upset my bird. The bird would come out of the cage but was always looking for the cat. Bird was so upset that she would pluck her chest to the point of bleeding. It was exhausting keeping watch over the cat and bird. I would put the cat in another room when I let the bird out but she was still nervous. My cat passed away two years ago and has not been replaced. My bird stopped plucking and is more calm and has the run of the house which has made her very happy.

May 04, 2013
Blue Fronted Amazon acting weird.
by: Linda

You did not say how much time he gets to spend outside his cage. Birds need lots of time outside of cage when you or someone else is around to make sure they are safe. If the dog is a problem, put the dog outside while bird is out of cage being played with.

He could also be sick, which means you'll need to have him examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area. Avian vets are the only vets licensed and trained in how to care for birds and other exotic animals, so find one and have your bird checked for infections or other physical causes for this behavior.

If he stays in his cage too much, then he needs more time out. If dog cannot go outside, then dog should be put in another area of the house with a door that closes so bird is safe to come out. Parrots need time outside cage, and they need time to play with their human companions. Birds are very social, flock animals and to be left alone in a cage with no one to play with is torture.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say and how your bird is doing.

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