This is Dee’s Blue Fronted Amazon.

Her Blue Fronted Amazon even sings!

Blue Fronted Amazon, Lola Blue Fronted Amazon yawning
Lola’s Portrait Lola after her shower and nap

I love the first picture of Lola b/c you can see her blue so well on her front, and around her face. The second picture is of Lola after her shower. She was sleeping in a gentle sunny place, and I caught her waking up… yes, parrots yawn, Lol !

She is quite a character, says many things, and sings. She also has a long conversation with herself, saying long sentences, but we can't make most of the words out. It sounds like she learned it from either hearing the T.V. through the bird room door, or our! It goes on for several minutes...

She is certainly my bird, will tolerate my hubby picking her up, but usually gives him a pinch to make sure he knows he's not her favorite. lol!

She lets me do just about anything to her I want, but she growls at me if she doesn't like! She loves to fly around the house, and when I trimmed her wings (b/c she was getting into things that were dangerous, like an electrical cord), she got depressed. She would just sit on her perch, and didn't play, or talk much. It was so sad, I just can't do it again. I just have to make sure she doesn't get out. She will fly to me, but only if she is in the mood, I wish I had the courage to free fly her. I think she would LOVE it!

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