Blue Fronted Amazon screams for attention all day

by Laura
(California, USA)

I have a Blue Fronted Amazon who loudly screams all day. When she sees me wake up in the morning it sweetly greets me, but then it starts to scream even though it already has food, water, and toys in her cage.

When i get near her cage and give her attention she stops screaming, but once i walk away, she starts to scream all over again. I think that she might be spoiled from all the attention that i give her, but when i'm too busy to play with her, she starts screaming for long peroids of time. i've tried ignoring her calls, but she only keeps going. I have no idea how to get her to be quiet. What should i do? Help!

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Feb 02, 2009
solutions for screaming parrots
by: Anonymous

Please visit this link for free information to help address a parrot screaming for attention.

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Barbara's Tips to address screaming for attention

* Extinguish screaming.
* Reinforce any other behavior besides screaming.
* Remember the extinction burst is a good sign! The end might be insight. Change your feeling from frustrated to hopeful when your bird really goes for it.
* If you need to leave the room, but can?t focus on training, offer another positively reinforcing activity prior to leaving the room. This may buy you a short window of time to move freely between rooms without screaming behavior. However you will still need to include training sessions at some point.
* Get some earplugs to help you cope with the screaming during the extinction burst.
* Plan to wait in the other room. Prepare in advance a quiet activity you can do when trying to deal with a screaming session.
* Leave the room immediately when your bird screams for your attention.
* Manage your activities to help set yourself up for success. For example keep the lights off or your bird covered for a few extra minutes in the morning until you are prepared to deal with the screaming with good training strategies.
* Get support. If neighbors are having a problem with your screaming parrot, explain to your neighbors that you are working on training your bird not to scream.
* Count seconds in intervals of silence and increase if possible.
* Focus on fixing the problem instead of your frustration.
* Believe you will get there. This strategy does work.
* Keep notes if necessary to determine how and when this behavior maybe getting reinforced. Eliminate any reinforcement of screaming.
* Offer even more reinforcement for the desired behavior than the undesired behavior would normally receive in the past.

Feb 01, 2009
screaming amazon
by: Anonymous

Does your bird get sufficient out of cage time? When my quaker gets unbearable, some extra out time usually helps. She will settle down and is much calmer. They go nuts if they are not out enough.

Feb 01, 2009
Stop screaming bird
by: Tracie

Rather than repeat what has already been written, I would like to guide you to our Parrot Training page. There are several articles there that might help you.

Also, visit our free bird training help page and sign up for Chet's trial coarse.

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