Blue fronted amazon talking

by Deb Love

If I have 2 baby blue fronted amazons together will they still learn to talk

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Aug 06, 2011
Blue fronted amazon talking
by: Linda

Well, they'll do okay until they are mature at around 6-7 years. Hopefully they are not brother and sister or this will be a disaster later on. You cannot breed this close of a relation as babis will be born with horrible physical deformities inside and out.

What I suggest is that you get a second cage ready for one of them so they get used to being in their own cages. If they spend too much time in the same cage, then when you must eeparate them, it could be very traumatic.

If possible, try and place one of them as soon as both have been examined by an Avian Vet to make sure they are healthy. If birds came from a pet store, they are most likely already incubating an illness as most pet store birds are sold already sick, some breeders as well. An Avian vet can do proper testing for both bacterial and viral infections. If you have not already done this, take care of it even if you're keeping both of them.

As I said, the best thing to do is to place one when they are cleared by an Avian Vet. Once they become mature, if they are opposite sexes, they will pair bond immediately, and yes, sometimes they stop talking and will not wish to be handled by humans much if at all. Breeding birds take back the characterisitics of their wild families because all parrots are exotic wild animals in that they are not domesticated and never will be. A lot of their behaviors reflect their natural instincts. For instance, it is not natural for them to climb around in a cage though they adapt to it quickly. They don't do this in the wild as they fly from branch to branch.

If birds are both of same sex, you can keep both together in a large cage which means 2-3 times the size for one bird. To find out sex at this early age, you'll need to have Avian Vet do a DNA test on both. You may wish to do this when you take them in for exam. This way, you'll know what you're working with. If both are males, I still recommend they be caged separately as males will fight as they mature, and these are not mock battles, both will be injured and maybe one will be killed. Make sure cage for two is large and has food and water dishes for each bird or they will fight over food.


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