Blue fronted amazons feathers turning dark and dingy

by Ginia
(Cottonwood, ca)

I have an 18 yr old Blue fronted amazon which I adopted about 4 yrs ago..about a yr after I got him his feathers started to turn dark on his back and head and a yellowish color on his lower body chest etc..I changed his food (was feeding seeds) to the best I could find and he ate lots of veggies..the ones he would eat.. and the problem persisted..He molted and I thought that his feathers were going to stay bright green however, again they became dark and again yellowish color..His normal diet consists of vegetables and a little scrambled eggs in the morning and seeds all day then he shares whatever I eat..He begs for it its pretty cute..I have recently found out about the harrisons pellet diet and I have just started the conversion..He won't touch the pellets and I am worried he will not eat and loose weight but I am going to stick to it as I know its whats best for him..I love him and he is my best friend loosing him would be like loosing my son! I am so concerned and don't have the money for a vet as of right any advice would be extremely helpful! He also has a problem with over preening his feathers...they are split and sometimes he preens them down to there a remedy for that as well? Thank you


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Oct 05, 2013
Bird feathers turning dark and feather chewing behavior
by: Tracie

I can tell you love your bird very much. I am glad you wrote, because you are feeding your bird a poor diet. Your bird should be eating 80% high quality pellets and only 20% of healthy treats. Table food is usually not healthy, because it has chemicals and additives that are not good.

It may take a while to get your bird to switch over to pellets, but not impossible. You should take your bird to an avian vet soon, to make sure it doesn't have any health issues before trying to convert the bird to pellets.

Below are some article links to help you switch to pellets, learn about feather damaging behavior and to find an avian vet.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Feather Damaging Behavior article

Find an Avian Vet

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