blue & gold macaw v,s african grey

by scott
(connahs quay,deeside,flintshire)

my wife has her own male b & g macaw he is 5 year old an attacks any one who goes near her,he would protect her at the cost of his own life,he only comes to me when he knows im taking him to her,if i don't take him he will scream for 5 mins then go himself even as far as walking up the stairs to her when she is in the bath or the bedroom,she went away for mth an he was me best mate intill she got back then he was back to himself.

So now im getting my self a 12 week old african grey sex unknown,my wife is not fussed on the idea,but i lost our hahns macaw an he was my mate as well as her mate but i want me own freind with wings.WHICH DO YOU THINK IS THE BEST BIRD BY TEMPERMANT AND ON TRAINING,TALKING.

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Sep 30, 2011
blue & gold macaw v,s african grey
by: Linda

If I were you, I'd get another Macaw, either another Hahn's or another of the minis. One that is very wonderful is the Severe Macaw, and they are much larger than the Hahn's and still mini Macaws. They have the long tail, but not the really large size. The reason I'm saying another Macaw is the G&G and the new Macaw will get along better than a Grey and a Macaw. Of course, do not cage them together and keep an eye out anytime they are together because the larger bird may decide to bully the smaller one.

Don't get another Blue and Gold though because you don't want either bird thinking it's mating time later. Once a pair bond formm with two breeding birds, their human caretakers are kind of left behind, so get a smaller Macaw, and I highly recommend the Severe if you can find a reputable breeder.

Be sure and take new bird to be examined for infections by an Avian Vet unless the breeder can show you a certificate of health because they've taken bird to be checked out. Infections are highly contageous, and you don't want new bird infecting the B&G because then it becomes a circus of trips to Avian Vet as one bird passes infection to another and back and forth. Been there, done that, and it is madness, so take new bird to Avian Vet before it comes home.

Though you may like the grey, and they are great talkers, another Macaw would be more readily accepted by your resident in charge B&G. The Macaws do talk, and it's never as clear as the Grey as they are the best mimics in the parrot famiiy. What you want here is peace of mind, and the Macaw family is a very good choice as birds are highly intelligent and very loving and loyal.

Let us know who you get and send us a letter with a posted picture of your new mate as we are very interested in and happy for you!


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