blue & gold macaws feet and molting


I notice at times i remove them from there cage 2 come out 4 the day. My older boys feet r warm. As 4 my younger hers r cold. is there any alarm 4 this? I do have a proper vet 4 them. And keep up with there normal check ups. As they advise me 2. unless a blood feather accurs. Also my younger girl seems 2 be always molting. I try 2 help her with this. But can cost me some blood in return. I hate she has 2 go thru this 4 long periods at a time. its been like 3 weeks & still seems like the 1st day. Can u please help me, help my babies!!


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Dec 02, 2010
Macaw molting and picking at feet
by: The Avian Vet

Prolonged molting can be due to poor nutrition. You should be feeding a good pellet such as Harrison's, which should be 80% of the diet. Birds also need good quality full spectrum light such as a UV sun lamp that gives UVA and UVB. Natural sun is good but the glass in windows filter the UV rays so it does not help your bird. The temp of the feet may be nothing to be concerned about, but you should mention it to your DVM when you go next.

Birds should be examined annually, and South American species (such as macaws) should be seen every 6 months. All new feathers start as blood feathers. The problem with blood feathers is when they break. But, if this occurs, you or anyone should NOT pull them out. This is painful and does not stop the bleeding. It can also cause damage to the follicle.

Dr B

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