Blue heded amozons chews wall

by Savannah and Andrea
(lix2t9 ontario pickering canada)

why does he chew on the wall he is a biue heded amozon and he is 18 thank you love andrea and savannah.

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Feb 11, 2011
Amazon parrots chewing wall
by: Tracie

Amazon parrots love to chew, they need to chew. They chew your wall because you allow them to roam free to chew the wall and probably other things that may some day kill them.

Please clip your bird's wings, then supervise your birds so that they do not chew things in your home. I know of one person that lost their bird because they allowed it to roam the house. It licked a metal that poisoned their bird.

You need to purchase some safe wood toys, or harvest untreated bird-safe wood for your birds to chew. Please look up online how to safely sanitize the wood so you don't give your bird a disease if you harvest the wood yourself.

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