blue naped parrot - 2 month old. how to feed it?

by Lexi

i have a 2 month old blue naped parrot and am at a loss on how to feed it.

right now im giving it mashed fruits - mangoes, bananas... through a syringe. around 5 mL per feeding, 3x a day. i dont know if this is enough or not.

what other foods can i give? is baby food ok? like gerber?

how do i train it to eat sunflower seed?

when is the best time i can wean it off the mashed foods? it doesnt seem to eat on its own... although its appetite is good when i hand feed it.

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May 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

hi. i appreciate what everyone is doing to care for these beautiful birds. i have lived in central america most of my life and what the locals feed the parrots (of all types) that they bring home from the nest is masa (ground tortilla dough) - they mix it with a little warm water and spoon feed the birds. when they are about two months old they start giving them bits of mango, banana and any other fruit around. always the corn dough and tortillas and also cooked rice and beans and bits of cooked egg. if the family has soup - they might give the parrot pieces of raw veggies. the parrots thrive - usually live in a lemon tree (or other short tree) in the yard and are brought in at night. most like to hang around the outside kitchens and enjoy chatting with the housewife.

Editor's note: Nice to know about wild birds, but feeding is MUCH different for captive birds that stay in a cage. Also, the lifespan of birds on the diet you suggest, if they don't forage, would not be optimum.

Jul 27, 2010
Feeding BNP
by: Nani


I have a blue naped parrot and I got her when she's still a month old. I used to feed her mixed mashed banana, mashed potato, liquid calcium supplement and liquid multivitamins twice a day, 1 in the morning 7am and 1 in the evening before 7pm. I only add liquid calcium and multivitamins 3 times a week. By the time she reached 2 months old I still feed her the same food but started introducing other fruits (avoid avocado) and green vegetables. Plesae remove the seeds of the fruits specially apples. I also give my BNP sunflower seeds every weekends only.

She is now 7 months old and is very healthy.

I still give her calcium and multivitamins 3 times a week until now.

Editor's note: She is very healthy? How do you know? No reputable avian vet would suggest you give a bird multivitamin supplements. Your bird should be on a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's and NOT be taking vitamin supplements. I personally accidentally killed my first bird, because it became toxic from multi-vitamins.

May 25, 2009
Feed Baby Parrot Formula
by: Linda

First of all, the diet you are feeding is lacking in protein which a baby needs to grow and gain weight.You need to buy a baby Parrot hand-feeding formula, and I think Tracie has some out here. RowdyBush has always been good ( Roudybush breeder formulas ), and there are others. They are dry formulas to which you add clean water and heat up(test on your wrist-if it burns, let it cool some). You don't let it boil as this will lose all the nutrients you are trying to get into your bird.Depending on the size of your bird, as I don't know what species a blue nape is. If it is an Amazon, feed 50-60cc(ml) per feeding maybe 3 times a day.You'll have to see how much he will eat.If bird is a conure which is a lot smaller than an Amazon, feed maybe 20cc(ml) per feeding.You will need to get the appropriate size syringes preferably with the pointed tip to make it easier to feed.Always go into baby's mouth and feed to the left side and don't push too much in at once as you do not want him to aspirate any formula or he'll get pneumonia.
He may be able to eat some of the fruit you are feeding cut up into bite size pieces so he can either play with it or eat some of it as he goes along.Don't leave in for more than two hours as it will spoil.He will probably be ready to start weaning in earnest by the 3rd month.Do not feed a seed diet.Buy some Harrison's pellets(Tracie has)in a smaller size, soak them in a little water to make soft, and start him off the right way.You can offer these along with the fruit now if you wish, or you can wait a while on them.
Most important thing now is to get bird on a "real" handfed baby formula before he starts losing weight. He should be weighed every day, and if weight is not gained needs to go to vet.He probably already needs a trip to vet as he may have a very common bacterial infection that babies easily get.
So, 1. Buy and prepare baby parrot handfeeding formula
2. Put fruit/pellets in bowl for him to play with or eat
3. Take him to vet immediately for a weigh in and to make sure he is free from infection.
People who sold you this bird should have gone over ALL OF THIS before you walked out the door.I would suggest NOT buying another bird from them if they are not willing to educate a person before a sale and support after a sale.

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