Blue Naped Parrot gender

by Anthony
(Moncada, Tarlac, Philippines)

How to identify male Philippine blue naped parrot from female?

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Apr 02, 2010
Blue Naped Parrot gender
by: Linda

In young birds whose feathering is alike, it is near impossible to tell the difference. In this kind of situation, you'd have to have DNA testing done by an Avian Vet and sent off to a qualified lab to find out.

In older birds who look alike, it is sometimes a matter of behavior, head shape, size and overall size of the bird with males usually being a little larger. Of course, you'd have to have two birds to compare, and would have to know the sex of one of them beforehand.

So, if you are buying a young bird, DNA testing is the only way to tell. If you are buying an older bird where there are other older birds around him/her, then you MAY be able to tell by comparing them if the breeder knows the sex of some of them.

As for talking ability and being a good companion, it DOES NOT MATTER WHICH SEX YOU ARE GETTING. All parrots have the capability to talk, though some choose not to while others learn a large vocabulary. This varies between individual birds, so you may get a big talker, and you may not. As for being a good companion, either sex will emotionally bond with you and become your good buddie, so sex does not matter here at all.

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