bluebells and sunshine

by emiley

my father got me a male bugie for my birthday an the bugie was very tame, did tricks ,went outside without flying away and talked very clearly in human language i decided to name him bluebells.

when i was home many wild female budgies would come by his day when he was flying about outside i left his cage open for him if he wanted to come back in side. when i saw a female budgie was wathing him,he would try to get her to mate i had a nesting box already an bluebells cage was very big so i decided to let him mate. one day the female came an went into the cage with bluebells i did not see her and loocked the cage to carry bluebells in side the nest day when i loked in the cage i saw eggs in the nesting box and the female i namesd her sunshine and left her in yhe cage they had 5 babies

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Aug 24, 2012
by: Rose

What a beautiful story.Hope Bluebells and Sunshine have a wonderful life together.You sound like a loving and careing person.Have a happy day.

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