blueberris and grapes

by teresa foster
(corvallis oregon)

do i have to peel my conures grapes and blueberries?

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Aug 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

If you buy certified organic & you know where they come from (local preferred) you do not & should not peel them. Leave them as is, the skins are highly nutritional. The skin & seed in grapes are more nutritional.

Certified organic, know where they're from & what's been put on them. Give them a good scrub & give to your bird as is. My birds love to peel their food.

Aug 03, 2012
blueberris and grapes
by: Linda

Yes, with the thin skinned fruit and veggies like green beans, you have to be extremely careful to buy only that which is certified organic which means they use no synthetic fertilizers or the deadly bug sprays. Make sure the place you buy from has a good reputation for selling ONLY the very best. I used to live in Portland, OR, and we had a wonderful coop in town where we bought organic fruit, veggies, grains and free-range meats. Yes, it was more expensive than going to a regular grocery store, and was worth every penny of it because we were being part of the solution and not the problem. Most of the foods n regular groceries are being shipped in from places like Mexico where DDT is still being used on crops. Some other countries are also still using dangerous chemicals on their crops. Groceries buy it because it is cheaper for them to buy, and then they sell it to an unknowing public by putting a cheaper price on it. The meat in most groceries is horrible especially in Wal Marts across the country. The meat inspectors in this country do not actually inspect the meat. They sit in offices and surf the web and play video games. The people on the cut lines are given rolls of USDA Grade A stickers which they slap on everything regardless of how crappy or how many tumors it has in it. Kosher meats are NOT Kosher since they do not take enough time draining animals of their blood, but, here again, there are stickers that say they are Kosher. Factory farms and slaughter houses are the worst things that could have happened to America. The small, quality farmer and meat grower has been put out of busines because of the horrible factory farms and their slaughter houses where animals go down the cut lines alive and feeling everything.

Sorry for getting off on all that, and just be careful about what you feed your birds AND kids these days.


Aug 03, 2012
Peeling grapes or berries for birds
by: Tracie

You do not need to peel the blueberries or grapes, but you should NOT feed these to your birds unless they are organic and then you need to wash them thoroughly to remove any toxins that may be on them.

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