bluefronted amazon anal

by anthony
(england liverpool)

my blue fronted amazon sticks it anal in the air and it like it is trying to fire some think out and make mad noise when it does it

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Mar 13, 2012
bluefronted amazon anal
by: Linda

From what I understand, your bird is putting butt up into air and making strange noises.

She may be trying to lay an egg and having problems doing it. If she is too young, then she could die trying to lay an egg.

So, I'd take your bird for an exam with an Avian Vet ONLY because they are licensed and trained in the care of birds and other exotic animal pets.

Take your bird ONLY to an Avian Vet to make sure bird is taken care of properly. Have them check for infections or an egg that is stuck or any other physical problems.

Find an Avian Vet

Mar 12, 2012
blue front amazon.
by: Anonymous

I did not understand a thing you just said. It made absolutely no sense.

Please repost your question with detail. So we can better assess what's wrong, or give you the proper information about his behaviour.


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