by Roselle
(rochester, ny)

I am a new parakeet owner had them about a month now and noticed that when they kiss, well play together there cheeks turn a pinkish color like they are blushing. I talked to a groomer at my pet store and they said they never heard of it, but its the cutest thing but was wondering if that was something I need to worry about?

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Apr 29, 2010
by: Linda

They are just flushed with excitement or joy, and this is normal as birds are very expressive.

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY OF YOUR BIRD'S PROBLEMS TO ANYONE IN A PET STORE AS THEY WILL EITHER NOT KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU OR, WORSE, THEY WILL INSTRUCT YOU TO DO SOMETHING THAT WILL HURT YOUR BIRDS.This includes anything to do with illness or injury. Take your birds to a licensed, trained Avian Vet for all checkups, injuries or illnesses so they may be properly diagnosed and treated. Never give any over the counter medicine, including that found in pet store supposedly made for birds, as this will make matters worse and can and does kill birds everyday. Don't use home remedies. You FIRST have to know what is wrong with bird BEFORE it can be treated, and the only to do that is to take birds to an Avian Vet. This is just information for future use so you don't end up hurting your birds instead of helping them. When birds get sick or injured, it is very similar to humans, in that they need the services of a doctor who knows what they are doing with birds.

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