bonded quaker or bird thats highly startled or terrified? hears my story, hope it helps

by James Nielsen
(Madison, WI.)

ok so im am going to apologies in advance if any part of this starts to sound like im venting and thank you to all who read this.

i'd like to start with saying there is not enough info online about this issue for the average moderately seasoned "ownie". tho there was tons for the new to home. (this was not quite the same)

so last night i got quite the scare, immediately following my baby my baby boy jazz's scare. i had sat down to open a bottle of champagne. the cork ricocheted off my floor speaker and right past jazz's cage, hit the wall behind his cage then fell to the floor. right away i went to check to be sure it didn't hit him. tho initially he looked and seemed fine, aside from looking confused.

after sitting back down he started looking at the ground and gabbed the side of his cage as if he was gona go to see what it was. what looked like it would be the normal cautious slide down his bars turned in to what seemed like an uncontrolled free fall. i started to bolt to his cage and noticed him walking with a wobble (leaning against the pan wall) across the cage.

i laid my hand in front of him for him to step up (he did). i cupped him with my arms(he loves and is always calm and submissive when i cuddle him this way) to carry him back over to my bed as to look him over more closely. thinking the worst and freaking out about every new little bump and skin discoloration.

((i should probably note at this point: jazz was a neglect rescue who had plucked him self so bad that most of his chest and wing torsion axis areas wont grow proper if at all, making it easier to look for injuries))

shortly after starting to calmly look him over, he tried to fly. i put my hand out to get him off the floor and bring him back up to my belly level, before i could close my arms in to cuddle him he tried to fly again this time squawking bloody murder when he landed. and i'v heard him at what i thought was his loudest, when you here em squawking at the neighborhood birds from in doors when driving buy your house yeah...

hearing this about made my hart dope through the floor! but then starting to suspect he may have just been terrified i took him back to his cage set him atop. trying to decide to put him in his travel bag to take him to emg clinic. when i noticed he was staring at me funny again. at which point i decided to go and make him some "organic oatmeal and peanut butter" when i got back saw him huddled against his travel pen. was when i figured out he was scared half to death.

realizing he was heading for the corner of his cage when he climbed on my hand. so i gave him the food i had just made, ducked below him but not out of view. started whispering i love yous and making kissing and clicking noises to him. i gave him some space, and when he was done eating he climbed back in his cage and sat quietly listening to me chatter at him.

about an hour from the time the cork hit the wall, me realizing he was freaking, him eating comfort food, and me chattering at him. he was back to normal. well normal for him that is.

after and till now i was looking up all that i could about birds who where in shock or scared. saw there's a grate deal of pages that said the same jargon about when you 1st bring a new feathered companion home. iv had jazz about 5yrs now and most any of that info(tho a grate resource and necessity to newbs with a newbie)in this case would have been useless and more time consuming as its hard to tell if the panting is just fright or sings of something deeper, i am 28, have been handling birds for 24yrs, caring and raising birds in general 16yrs, parrots for 12yrs. i'v been owned by a now(approximately)30yr old 1st gen Gray from Africa, multiple Ring necks, Parallettes, Quakers, Budgies, and a Cockatiel. on top of that i am vary close personal friends with a couple who bead Gray's and Parallette, as wall as beaders that bread to many birds to list. needless to say iv seen standers bird fright and this fright was far beyond any iv seen.

so for those of you out trolling to find help for your bonded buddy who's scared poop-less. all i can say is it will all depend on how you calm them and how well you know them, as every birdie is different. pay close mind and observe, knowing what calms your bird will help, more so if you've learned how to mimic your birds calm, attentive, and generally happy body postures and jesters. lots of calm quiet attention via voice and or posture if(and only if) they still trust you. calmly, slowly and in a non threatening manner "present" your hand. if your baby don't want to come to you """GIVE EM SPACE""" continue to speak calm and courteously till they calm, if you have a rotation of toy pick one they love and after they start to calm then slowly and clearly present it to them, and of course... some all natural and healthy comfort food.

best of luck to you all who are in thees shoes. i hope that this will help clear up some of your questions. and thank you for taking the time to read this.