Bonding - 5 month old yellow collard macaw

by debra m
(buffalo, ny us)

Do female birds tend to bond more with male(human)? Or vis a versa a male bird bond more with a female (human)? What causes a bird to bond?

It just seems my husband had a female that past away from old age, but she was bonded to him. We just got our baby which is a male and he seems to have bonded to me...

Not sure the reasoning..I know that my husbands bird was with him for 20 years...


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May 22, 2008
Bird bonding question
by: Tracie

Hello Debra,

It seems that birds sometimes prefer the opposite sex human, but it is not a hard and fast rule. I know of several female birds that prefer the female human in the household.

I believe that birds just like who they like and they will change their minds too! I was the preferred human to one of our birds and then one day he decided my husband was wonderful and hated me. Eventually he started liking me again, but he still prefers my husband.

Birds can "read" our emotions. They can feel our tension or peacefulness. If one person is upset, the bird might prefer the one that it feel peace and love from. I just threw that out there, I am not saying that one or the other of you are tense.

If the bird prefers one over the other, make sure that the one that is not preferred has special treats that he/she gives the bird that nobody else gives. That way the bird will still want to be with the other person.

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