Bonding with a young Grey

by Zana
(San Diego, Ca. )

How would I know when my bird has bonded with me?

I have a 5-6 month old Congo African Grey. I am no stranger to being a bird owner, and consider myself knowlegable about them, this is the youngest I've ever had. I've had her since Dec 24th.

I just found out Butters is a female. (as am I) I am the only one to feed and handle her, as I want to be the one she bonds with. She is being properly socialized and held by others, but it's kept limited as suggested by the aviary and vet.

She doesnt appear nervous, fact she seems to have no fear. Tho' when I leave the room, she lets out a chirp. (not a scream, or squawk) Just little chirps. She's learned to blow kisses, so she does that too. Fact it's when I leave the room she gets antsy, but not nervous, as if she's looking for me, or calling for me.

She got plenty toys, and on a diet of 75-80% pellets (as instucted by the vet, same diet as my other birds)

She wants everything, and anything I have in my hands. She wants what other people have as well, but more so if I have it. If she's not offered it, she will come try to get it from me. She's also putting her head down for pets, and allowing me to pet her. She lets other people pet her too, but only for a second before she pulls away from them.

She's trying to vocalize "step up", and "come see me", and "ready?" Obviously bc of age it's not too clear, but she's close.

Is it safe to say she's bonding with me? Are there other signs I can look for to be assured of proper bonding with me? I will and am her primary caregiver. I'm not sure if there's much difference with my birds who are aged abt 20 yrs vs my 5 month old, for bonding.