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Nov 06, 2010
Bored or not?
by: Linda

If she is left alone a large part of the day, then she does need a companion, but not a male and not in her cage. A new bird can be either another Ringneck or another species of similar size and try and find one that is also female. You will need another cage for the new bird, and the new bird needs to be examined by an Avian Vet BEFORE bringing her home to keep from infecting the one you already have. Have them check for bacterial infections with a throat swab, bloodwork for viral infections or other physical problems including how organs are functioning. Once new bird has a clean bill of health, she can be brought home, and you should already have her cage all set up and waiting. Do not allow the birds to play together or even be outside cage together unless someone is in the same room at ALL times. Until birds get used to one another, fights can happen for no reason, and one or both can be severely hurt. Anytime birds are out together, I recommend constant supervision.

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