Bored with food

by Megan

I have a 5 month old male quaker called Bailey. I have recently noticed that he has started to eat less and less of the food he is given each day. He has a bowl of pellets and also a bowl of other food usually a mix of brown rice, barley, lentils, carrot, peas, corn, beans and sweet potato. He has only ever eaten a few pellets everyday but usually finishes off his whole bowl of the other stuff. Lately he has been picking out only a few things but when he is out of the cage he will quickly eat up anything new given to him.

This morning when i gave him his food he looked at it but wouldn't eat it and screamed for a good half an hour but as soon as i put some scrambled egg in his bowl he ate the whole thing and has been quietly playing with his toys since then. I was wondering if he is just bored with the food he is getting and just wanted some tips on how to freshen it up a bit every now and then for him.

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May 10, 2010
Helping bird eat properly
by: Tracie

Dr B suggests that you read his Switching Birds to Pellets article. You should not be offering other food at the same time you are offering pellets. The bird will naturally pick the fresh food over pellets.

We have a different approach at our house for feeding pellets and other foods. We only offer pellets in the morning, when they are the hungriest. In the evening we offer other seed and healthy foods to their dish. We take out any fresh food about 30 minutes later, so they don't eat spoiled food.

It is highly recommended that you take your bird to see an avian vet once a year, and if your bird has not seen an avian vet you should take it now. Sometimes a change in eating habits is a symptom of illness or infection.

I also have an article about healthy eating you might want to read. Parrot Health Article

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