both nostrils blocked in my cockatiel

hello, i recently noticed both my cockatiels nostrils are fully covered over, it looks like the skin has grown over them. He is still eating and whistling but im really worried incase he cannot breath properly. What should i do to make this better for him, i live on an island and the vets are not to good over here, but if i have to i can take him, just i feel bad for him as he does not like to be handled and will be traumatized if we have to take him anywere. It would be better if there was any kind of medication i could call and ask the vet for or if i could maybe clean them everyday with water or something. Please help

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May 31, 2010
Cockatiel nares
by: The Avian Vet

Give him a couple of good soaking baths and it may clear. If not, he will need to be seen.

Dr B

May 31, 2010
Cockatiel with blocked nares
by: Tracie

Dr B will eventually answer this, but I doubt he will be able to help your bird. A good avian vet is NOT going to "call in" meds without examining your bird first. Your bird needs to be examined in person to determine not only to clear the nares, but to find out what is causing this.

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