Bourke has laid 4 eggs

by lisa

Hi, I have some questions about my Bourke laying eggs. She has layed 4 and seems to be sitting on one of them...I also have a Rosie Bourke, they are not caged together, but do come out for play time. I have no idea what sex the Rosie is. Nor have I seen them in the act. I would like to know if I shoud move the eggs into a nesting box, or just let her be. Any other help would be appreciated! Thanks

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Jul 24, 2010
Bourke has laid 4 eggs
by: Linda

There are stores on the internet where you can get fake eggs to fit the size of your bird. ( )These may or may not stop her from laying, but it is a cleaner, safer alternative to leaving the real eggs in.

Also, you may wish to take your female into see an Avian Vet in your area as there may be a physical cause for the chronic egg laying. It may also be that the other bird is male, and she is ready to breed. Do not, however, feel any pressure to breed the birds because there is a lot of study and work that has to be done before breeding birds.You may also want to take in the other bird for a DNA test as well as tests for any type of infections while you have the other one in there too. Avian vet takes a drop or so of blood and sends it to a lab where the sex of bird will be revealed.

Please read this Chronic Egg Laying article written by an avian vet.

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