Bourke lays unfertal eggs??

by Barb

My female is 1 yr.2 mon. old. The male is 2yrs. they are very loving to each other. no problem there. But when she lays an egg, she doesn't stay and sit on it. Maybe that's why the egg is not good. ?? New to this.and don't know what to do. any help is welcome. Thank you.

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Mar 24, 2010
bourkes not sitting on eggs.
by: Diane

Don;t worry. The hen is still quite young and probably needs more practice. My bourke hen did exactly the same last year. She had three attempts at laying and incubation - after the first two failures (she also got fed up and left the eggs) - the third attempt was successful and the pair reared three lovely babies.

Mar 24, 2010
Bourke lays unfertal eggs??
by: Linda

Your birds are NOT mating, and it sounds like she is just laying the eggs anyway. I suggest you throw away any eggs as they go bad very quickly and become a poison if broken and eaten. Take the nestbox out and leave it out for a while. The other suggestion is that you need to have both your birds checked out by an Avian Vet. This is normally done BEFORE any breeding program is begun, so take them in to make sure they are healthy.

The other idea is that maybe both are females and are just good friends. Unless you've had your other bird DNA tested, there is no sure-fire way to tell with birds who look alike. If you have two females, then they will continue to be good friends and have no offspring because there is no mating and breeding going on.

Learn more about what you are doing BEFORE going any further with breeding. You'll need to know how to candle the eggs, handfeed the babies if needed, and you'll have to weigh all babies every day to make sure they are gaining weight. A baby bird who does not gain weight every day is a sick bird, and so are his nest mates. Bacterial infections are common with baby parrots, and if one has it, they all do including the parents.All have to be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet.

You need to make use of the internet, and have a breeder in your area show you how to handfeed using a syringe. This is a learned skill, and it is too late to learn if you need to feed the babies some because the parents either can't or won't which does happen. Birds raised in incubators and handfed by humans without ever seeing their Mothers DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FEED BABIES BECAUSE THEY ARE IMPRINTED WITH HUMANS. These birds make very poor breeders and babies always have to be taken and hand-fed.Big commercial breeders do this a lot, and though it makes the birds very human friendly, they are not going to be very good parents.

Happy learning...


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