bourkes compatablity

by philip

i am just about to purchase a pair of bourkes parrakeets and would like to know what i can keep in the same aviary
can any one help please

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Sep 20, 2011
bourkes compatablity
by: Linda

Keep the Bourkes with Bourkes, and you could maybe have a pair of the Rosella's if there is no difference in size. You cannot mix parakeets with other types/species of parrots or parakeets from other parts of the world as they don't normally get along well in breeding/living type situations. Keep same country of origin or area of the world with same making sure there is no difference in size among them. Most people don't understand how important keeping country of origin with same, and even hand-fed babies born in the US are still genetically programmed to recognize a bird from their regions and to shun others. In other words, birds are wild exotic animals and act like it especially during breeding where they revert back to their wild selves for the duration and maybe forever.

If you are getting more than one pair of birds, hopefully you understand size issues. They need as large an aviary as you can build and also need an inside area for sleeping that has heat source for winter. Make sure sleeping area is separate for each pair. A couple of pairs of either the same kind of bird or one similar, from same country of origin and same size would work. Overcrowding will cause fights to the death and broken eggs all the way to babies killed while still in the nest.

Each pair need their own food and water dishes so there is no conflicts over food.

Good luck and keep us posted,


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