bourkes parakeet baby with both eyes closed

by andy

I have a baby bourke which is still in the nest and looked in today and both eyes are closed and i have bathed them but with no benefit to it at all. There is a male kakariki that is helping with the feeding of them as well as feeding the female bourke (hes a very confused kakariki). is there anything i can do or what should i do?

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Jun 04, 2013
bourkes parakeet baby with eyes closed
by: andy

The baby died yesterday morning but the other 2 babies are doing really well and have just left the nest and are being fed by the kakariki the parent birds are keeping an eye on them but not really feeding them. I cleaned the box out and the others have no signs of what the other one had but dont no if it was hurt in the box by the kakariki as not the most of delicate when comes to being around them but is feeding them. He is one confused bird as he has a mate but not interested in her except the bourkes think he thinks he is a bourke rather than a kakariki funny to watch though and at least hes looking after the youngsters.

Jun 03, 2013
bourkes parakeet baby with both eyes closed
by: Linda

It sounds like he is sick, and if he has an infection, the rest of the babies also have the same thing. Birds who are bred without being taken to Avian Vet first pass on infections to the babies. Baby birds do not live long with infections.

The possibility is that all your birds have the same kind of infection. Take the babies to avian vet first and then if they test positive for bacterial or viral infection/disease, the adults will also have to be taken in for testing. These infections are highly contagious, so these birds will all die without the services of an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area.

Let us know how it is going once you get everybody tested and well.


Jun 03, 2013
Baby bourkes
by: Tracie

How old is the baby?

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