Bourkes Parrot won't mate

by Carolyn :)

I have a 'normal' colour male Bourkes Parrot and a 'pink' female (I think) Bourkes Parrot.
The female is beckoning the male to mate but he just comes up to her and taps her gently with his beak. He feeds her often.
I have them inside our house with other Bourkes in the same room..
Does anyone have an idea why he won't mate.
Carolyn :)

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Aug 17, 2011
Bourkes Parrot won't mate
by: Linda

If he is too young, he won't mate until he reaches sexual maturity. Do you know age he is? They should be sexually mature by age 2 or 3.

One thing is that the actual mating takes quite a while to happen. The birds are in control of when and if they mate, so there is nothing you can do. Now, if it has been over a year since your birds were examined by an Avian Vet, there could be a physical issue here. All breeding birds need to be examined and cleared for infections or other physical issues before each breeding to ensure babies are not born with an infection which will kill them fairly quickly.

So, take both birds to be examined by an Avian Vet, and see what the avian vet has to say. If your male is too young, he won't mate until he is older. Also, if you have birds on dowel perches, you'll have to change to safe natural wood branch perches where they are more comfortable. This could be part of the problem as the male mounts the female by getting on her back, and if she has problems holding onto a dowel rod, then there will be no mating.

Avian vet first, age second and then allow nature to take its course or not. Some birds who have been hatched and handfed from an incubator will never breed because they are imprinted with humans and don't even know they ARE birds. All these things have to be looked into.

Thanks for writing,
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