boy or girl bourke

by june

i have a male bourke thats in with my budgie but i want another bourke to keep him company,would it be better to get a female or male to go in with him and the budgies

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Oct 02, 2011
boy or girl
by: june

the bourke is kept in with 7 budgies thats why i wanted another one of the kind for him,i know i have to keep it away from others for awhile till they get used to it,just wanted to know what would b better to have,dont want to breed just yet not till we move next year,thanks

Sep 30, 2011
Add another male or female bird
by: Tracie

I would add another male, we have two male bourke's together and the feed each other and get along great. But, you must realize that you need to keep the new bird in another cage until you are sure they get along. You can't just throw another bird into the mix and expect they will all like each other.

The budgie should be plenty company for the bird, if they are happy together, I am of the opinion you should just let them be and not add any potential complications. What if the two bourke's bond and pick on the budgie, for instance?

You don't want to add a female unless you are ready to get some prior training on breeding and feeding babies etc.

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