Boy or Girl

by beckie

Why do they bite there owners and when the owners love them

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Jul 09, 2009
by: Linda

Since you did not say what kind of parrots you have, I'll just generalize here. All parrots are wild animals in that they are not domesticated like chickens, turkeys and other ornamental birds. Even hand-fed parrots will bite if they are so inclined. Maybe you are doing something they do not like. Some parrots do not like being petted. I have had Amazons for many years, and they do not like being petted and will only tolerate it for a while and then will give a light bite to let us know they are tired of it. You have to respect your bird's likes and dislikes as they are "people" too!

So, let us know what kind of birds you have and what kind of cage they are in and what kind of food you are feeding them. Sick birds tend to be more grumpy and will bite more frequently.

If you have not taken your birds to the Avian vet, now is the time to see if they may be sick with an infection.

Let us know what kind of birds you have, and who all is in the family and who handles them. We will be better able to answer your questions then.


Jul 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

Well, you love your bird, and I'm sure your bird loves you too. Animals are ruled by their instincts. That is how they would treat another bird, so that is how they treat you. Dogs and cats are domesticated. They have lived with man for thousands of years. Parrots are more wild, like zoo animals. They know they depend on you for food and shelter and affectiion, but their wild side takes over sometimes. It is nothing personal against you. It is just a parrot being a parrot.

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