Boy then Girl

by Skylar
(Olathe, Ks)

Stan (Sun Conure) after a hot shower!

Stan (Sun Conure) after a hot shower!

We got our Sun Conure in March 2008 from PetCo and it's name was stan. At the pet store you were allowed to play with the birds oce you got a store clerk to watch and stan was always the nicest. She preened you, climbed all over your shirt and snuggled with you.

When we go him Stan had become a little less social, being the last originial bird from when the store opened. :( She was really scared the first night in her oversized cage but became much happier the next day. She was so snuggly, it is still all she wants to do! And here me saying she now instead of he, the pet store thought she was a boy and we got here blood tested and they were wrong. They gave us all the wrong advice, so don't shop at PetCo, except to save animals because they aren't treating them correctly. So sad.

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May 19, 2010
I like Stan!
by: Geana

I agree with you that Stan is a fine name for a girl.
I had the same experience with a beautiful albino cockatiel many yrs. ago. She had 2 owners before me and I had no idea how old she was. She wasn't passed around because she was a bad bird, she wasn't at all, there were other reasons. I knew the people who owned her before me, they had her a couple of yrs. All were sure she was a male. Her name was Harley. A couple yrs. after she was mine, she laid an egg. Surprise! I had changed her name before that to (I was weird back then. Well, I'm still weird but...) Hardly A Clown In The Sky. So calling her Hardly was pretty close to Harley. She had always been very affectionate and never bit. But one day she was in her cage, which was usually open, and wasn't being her social self and nosing around at the grate on the bottom of the cage. I put my hand in and she bit me hard! I mean she drew blood! I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. It wasn't until that night that I discovered the egg under the grate. I felt so bad, she was sticking her beak thru the grate rolling the egg around. The poor thing wanted to sit on it but couldn't. I sneaked in later and threw it away, I didn't want her to be obsessed by it and there was no reason for her to sit on it (not fertilized). She was much better after that. She never laid another one but, sadly, she escaped out the door one day and we never saw her again. It broke my heart! I have another cockatiel that started to lay eggs early in life, again, with no male, and she became an egg laying machine! They say if they have no place to lay eggs they won't. She was laying her eggs in her cage which was in an aviary. I took the cage out and that solved the problem. I don't know why the other bird laid an egg. Interestly, I also have a budgie and she laid an egg when the cockatiel laid her first egg. Hormones I guess.

Sep 20, 2009
by: Linda

Well, I do recommend people don't buy birds from pet stores like Petco and PetSmart or the ones in the malls as most of the birds have come from birdy-mill breeders and are usually sick or abnormal.I'm not saying ALL of them do, but a very large majority do as the birds are cheaper because the breeders did not take care of them or their parents.

In this case, however, it is not Petco's fault about the sexing of your bird. Bird species where both male and female look alike can only be sexed by DNA testing on the blood. Most people call a bird a HE, so it was okay to name "him" Stan. Actually, when you think of it, Stan is not a bad name for a girl, especially one who likes to climb around in trees and such!!!

Years ago, I had a baby Scarlet Macaw, and I named "him" Sherlock. Years later when "he" became mature and started trying to make a nest, I realized Sherlock was a girl!!!! I still can't talk about that bird without getting confused about he/she, so don't feel alone. I renamed Sherlock just Sherl to avoid confusion for the bird. THERE IS NO HELP FOR MY CONFUSION THOUGH!!!

So, you can either change her name to something that sounds like Stan, like Anne or just call her Stan. I like Anne, and your bird will adapt readily to the name as it sounds so much like Stan. So, you now have a bird named Anne, and she is a girl!

Thanks for writing and bless you for loving your little bird.


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